Advanced Woo Search Pro Nulled v2.66

Advanced Woo Search Pro Nulled Free Download
Advanced Woo Search Pro Nulled Free Download

Advanced Search Plugin for WooCommerce Nulled Improve your users search experience with advanced WooCommerce products search.

Search everywhere! Search across all your WooCommerce products.

Customize search results

Customize the look of your search results.

Hide or display product image, title, description, price, categories, tags, sku, rating, stock status, sale badge, featured etc.

You can also display add to cart button for each product in search results.

Advanced Woo Search Pro Nulled More Great Features

Here is the list of some features available for Advanced Woo Search plugin Nulled.

  •  Powerfull Settings Page Use plugins admin settings page to customize look and feel of search forms.
  •  Product Images Show product images in the search results. It is also possible to set the source of this images.

 Shortcodes and widgets This plugin supports shortcodes and widgets. This mean that you can place search box anywhere you want.

  •  Free Support and Updates This plugin is always under development and continues to offer more features with each release.
  •  Search results page Display search results not only inside ajax box but and in separated search results page.
  •  Search Form Instances You can create as many search form instances as you want. Each form will be independed from others and will have there own settings.
  •  Exclude/include products Exclude or include some of product by its ids, taxonomies or attributes from the search results.
  •  Visibility and stock status Choose what visibility and stock status product must has to display inside search results.
  •  Search results layouts Choose from different pre-defined search results layout.
  •  Search forms layouts Customize the look for plugin search form with set of pre-defined form layouts.
  •  AND/OR, partial/exact search Choose between OR or AND search logic and between exact or partial search words match.
  •  Add to cart button Show ‘Add to cart’ button right inside search results to quickly add products to the cart.

Search not only for certain products but also and for terms archive pages.

Search and display product categoriestagscustom taxonomiesattributes and users archive pages. This results will be shown at the top of search results box and lead to taxonomy archive pages with Advanced Woo Search Pro Nulled.

Advanced Woo Search Pro Free Download