Click to Chat Pro Nulled v3.14 + v1.10

Click to Chat Pro Nulled Free Download
Click to Chat Pro Nulled Free Download

Let’s make your Web page visitors Contact you through “WhatsApp” or “WhatsApp Business” with a single Click to Chat Pro Nulled (WhatsApp Chat, Group, Share)

WhatsApp connectivity for WordPress websites! Engage customers and generate leads!

Click to Chat Pro Nulled

The PRO version comes with features like Random Number, Display based on time delay, user scroll, login status. online/offline settings: hide chat or change WhatsApp number, call to action when offline

Click to Chat Pro Nulled Features

Lets make your website visitors contact you from WhatsApp with single click.

  • Pre-defined Styles

Select the style that match your themes
8 Pre defined styles + add own images

  • Position to Place

Add button/icon at any place of the screen,
Not just limited to a fixed position.

  • Custom Element

Create your own desing/element. Convert any element to navigate to WhatsApp Chat

  • Shortcodes

Add predefined styles with inline the content using shortcodes.

  • Webhooks

Connect other applications using Integrate, Automation tools like Zapier

  • Multilingual

Set different values for each language. Compatibile with many translate plugins.

  • Analytics

Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Ads Conversion or just use webhooks

  • Animations

When, Where and How. Show/Hide based on post types, post id’s, Category name.

  • Display Settings

When, Where and How. Show/Hide based on post types, post id’s, Category name.

  • Customize Styles

Customize the selected style based on your website theme color.

  • Web or App

Desktop: With in Browser or Desktop App. Mobile: WhatsApp App.

  • WooCommerce

Special settings for WooCommerce single product pages


Convert any Element as a WhatsApp Chat Element by adding Nulled

  • Class/ID name: ‘ctc_chat’ (or)
  • Href/link: ‘#ctc_chat’

The custom design will navigate to WhatsApp based on plugin settings (WhatsApp Number, pre-filled message, Analytics, …. ).
(e.g. menu item, button, image, link – just add ctc_chat as a class name)


Encourage user engagement by displaying the perfect message at the perfect time


Click: Display Greetings When Clicks on any element with Class name: ‘ctc_greetings’
ViewPort: Display Greetings When an element is in viewport(25% margin) with Class name: ‘ctc_greetings_now’ [PRO]
Time, Scroll Display Greetings based on time, scroll [PRO]


Click to Chat Nulled is Compatible with translate plugins. WPML, Polylang.

Easy to set up different values for each language

  • WhatsApp Number
  • Call to Action
  • Pre-filled Message
  • Greetings Content
  • Group ID
  • Share Text

Click to Chat Pro Nulled More Features

  • WhatsApp Chat
  • WhatsApp Group
  • WhatsApp Share
  • Different styles for mobile, Desktop
  • Different position for Mobile, Desktop
  • Advance display settings
  • Rich in features, frontend is very lite weight
  • Add your own Image
  • AMP Compatibility
  • RTL Compatibility
  • And many more features ..

Click to Chat Pro Free Download