PrivateContent Nulled v8.3.2 + Addons (Multilevel Content Plugin)

PrivateContent Nulled Addons Multilevel Content Plugin Free Download
PrivateContent Nulled Addons Multilevel Content Plugin Free Download

PrivateContent Nulled is a powerful, yet easy, solution to boost wordpress, turning it into a true multilevel membership platform.

Google Analytics integration

Through your website you can reach millions and create a database of thousands of users. Is hard to understand what people like though.

PrivateContent Free Download, through Google Analytics systems, has got a solution to this: allowing precise reports.

Each pageview, each login, logout, registration (and more, through add-ons) will be registered. You will be able to know exactly what users see. Also in real time!

The secret of any successful website is marketing: start tracking your users now!

Private block

A shortcode allowing you to hide specific page contents on the fly. You can choose to show a warning box or just hide data within.

Is also possible to enable a login and a registration button to the lightbox engine, giving users an handy way to join your site. Give a try:

Contents hiding

Leave posts searchable and indexable but hide contents within. Users not matching your restriction parameters will see alternative contents:

  • A warning box
  • An excerpt of post contents
  • An excerpt + warning box
  • Custom contents, set globally
  • just nothing! 

Redirect system

This is the most powerful restriction you can use: totally removing elements from your website queries.

Blocked users won’t be even able to reach pages URL and will be redirected to a globally set page. For example, you won’t be able to reach this page, unless you are logged!

PrivateContent Nulled Features list

  • Users membership
    • Unlimited user levels
    • Unlimited levels assignment per user
    • Admin manual insertion
    • Unlimited and flexible registration forms
    • Fast and intuitive list management
    • Sorting and simple + advanced search
    • Global or tailored users assignment to targeted WP users, by category
    • Multi-status: active / disabled / pending approval
    • Google Analytics integration tracking users action
    • Export and import systems
    • Direct WordPress users bulk import
  • Contents restriction systems: (based on user categories + custom through API)
    • PrivateContet Nulled shortcode with optional warning box containing login/register buttons
    • Advanced restrictions wizard + restrictions helper included in any public post type or taxonomy
      • Pages / posts / custom post types / categories / custom taxonomies total restriction through redirect
      • Pages / posts / custom post types contents replacing with warning box or excerpt or also nothing
      • Comments form hiding
      • Persistent modal lightbox on page’s opening to force user’s interaction
    • Custom (URL-based) restriction with regular expressions support
    • Menu items
    • Widgets
    • Any Gutenberg block
    • Complete, 1-click, website lock (optionally leaving menu visible)
  • Form framework:
    • Flexible fields structure
    • Form pages to split fields into sections
    • Optional form pages navigator
    • HTML5 client-side validation
    • Text blocks and separators
    • Custom categories assignment (through shortcode)
    • Custom redirect (through shortcode)
    • Password strength setup
    • Anti-spam systems: honey-pot or invisible reCAPTCHA
    • Login’s anti-bruteforce system
    • Two layouts: one-column / fluid
    • Three customizable preset styles + custom skin builder
    • Field and buttons icon + fields placeholder
    • Bottom border + no-label field styles
    • Registration and login forms alignment
    • Mail-only regisrtation mode

Restrictions wizard

But there’s even more: to speed up setup, restriction can be inherited!
A restricted category will automatically affect child categories that will affect assigned posts that will affect child posts.

I this way entire areas of your website could be ready in just few seconds.
And everything never worrying about who is restricted and who inherits what: a revolutionary restrictions wizard takes care of reporting current post or term status!

Indeed the most complete restriction toolset you can get today!

Users private page

Each PrivateContent user has got by default an own private page. This true reserved area is reachable only by him.

Plus, using an unique URL makes it really comfortable to be set in redirects: only contents are changed for each user.

This is an essential tool to privately communicate with subscribers and, obviously, you can also decide to disable it.

Custom skin builder

Plugin comes with three preset form skins (minimal, light, dark) adapting to any theme, immediately.

You can also customize them, changing only few details. Or maybe you prefer creating your own unique style: using colors, font size and family, setting field borders and padding as well as border radius.

Everything directly from an handy user interface and with few clicks.
Supporting also modern gradients and responsive typography!

For example forms in this website take color scheme from minimal style, with a little touch of green on buttons and icons to match LCweb colors.

PrivateContent Free Download

PrivateContent Addons list

  •   private-content-8.3.2
  •   private-content-files-manager_1.4.1
  •   private-content-mail-actions_1.9.8
  •   private-content-premium-plans_2.1.0
  •   private-content-user Data v3.3.0


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