v.3.8.3 Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce Nulled [Webtoffee]

Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce Nulled Webtoffee Free Download
Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce Nulled Webtoffee Free Download

Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce Nulled Trusted by professionals, freelance developers, and WooCommerce store owners for their product import export needs.

Export WooCommerce Products

Supports CSV, Excel, and XML File Format
Export and download product data of different WooCommerce product types in CSV, XML, Excel (XLS, XLSX) and TSV file format.

Facilitates Scheduled Export using FTP/URL
The plugin helps to schedule WooCommerce product export Nulled using multiple FTP/URL profiles.

Supports All Product Types
Export and download different product types.

  • Simple Products
  • Variable Products
  • Grouped Products
  • External Products

The plugin also supports custom WooCommerce product types other than the WooCommerce standard ones.

Several Filtering/Sorting Provisions
You can facilitate custom product export using several filter/sort options:

  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Status
  • Images
  • Columns
  • Offset/Limit

Custom Export Mapping/Column Order
Provisions are given to map or drag the columns accordingly to reorder them within the output file.

  • Taxonomies(cat/tags/shipping-class)
  • Meta(custom fields)
  • Attributes
  • Hidden Meta
Mapping fields for WooCommerce product import
Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce Nulled

Import WooCommerce Products Nulled

Supports All WooCommerce Product Types:
Plugins supports import of all types of products including,

  • Simple Products
  • Variable Products.
  • Grouped Products.
  • External Products.

Import via Multiple Methods:
You can import the products from a CSV, XML, Excel (XLS, XLSX) and TSV file via different methods

  • Import by uploading a file
  • Read and import from URL
  • Import from a file on a remote server via FTP

Map Product Columns Easily: The columns of your file may not correspond with the WooCommerce products data fields always. You can map fields using the simple interface and then save the mapping settings for later imports with Product Import Export Plugin Nulled.

Import Product Variations: Easily import all variable products and it’s properties from the file.

Scheduled Import using Cron Job: Schedule to import products at regular intervals from a remote server. You can set rules to skip certain products from updating.

Export/Import Product Reviews Nulled

Export Product Reviews: You can export product reviews based on ratings, stars, customer/guest reviews, status, products etc.

Import Product Reviews: Easily import Product Nulled ratings from another store via a file. During import, you can edit the ratings, author name, date, verified tag, and content of the reviews.

Scheduled Actions, Debug Logs, and Detailed History

Scheduled Actions: Lists all the scheduled processes for import and export. You can disable or delete unwanted scheduled actions to reduce server load and reduce the chances for the failure of actively scheduled actions.

Debug Logs: Lists developer logs mostly required for debugging purposes. Options to view detailed logs are available along with delete and download (that can be shared with the support team in case of issues).

History: Lists the runs and the status corresponding to every import/export Nulled with options to re-run, view a detailed log or delete an entry. Re-run action will take the user to the respective screen depending on the corresponding action type and the user can initiate the process accordingly with Product Import Export Plugin Nulled.

Multiple Import and Export Methods

Options to choose a convenient import and export method

You can import and export the data using three different methods.

Quick import/export: Import/Export all the data related to the export in one go without using any import/export options provided by the plugin.

Pre-saved Template: Use a pre-saved template for the import/export without having to configure the previous settings again.

New import/export: Do a fresh import/export with all new configurations.

Furthermore, you can choose the location of the CSV file for the import:

  1. Using CSV on your local computer
  2. Using the URL where the CSV can be fetched
  3. Using the FTP location of the CSV file

Schedule Automatic Import and Export of Products

Ensure regular batch import and export of data

You can auto-import the users at regular intervals from CSV which is present on FTP/SFTP Server by providing starting time and intervals between imports. You can also auto export the data to FTP/SFTP in a CSV file at regular intervals with Product Import Export Plugin Nulled.

You can create and manage multiple FTP profiles for use either on a one-time import/export or for a scheduled process.


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