v1.18.0 YITH WooCommerce Membership Premium Nulled

YITH WooCommerce Membership Premium Nulled Free Download
YITH WooCommerce Membership Premium Nulled Free Download

Managing courses, services, valuable membership plans with private access, sending messages to your customers, scheduling the publication of the exclusive contents for your customers: all these actions can be easily achieved with YITH WooCommerce Membership Nulled, a plugin conceived and designed to streamline the management of restricted-access products.

Create unlimited plans with different permission rules

Create different plans (for instance Silver, Bronze and Gold) and set the permissions for your different users based on the plan they have joined. Products can be downloaded only by members of a certain plan or members of another plan can just read the blog posts but not view the videos: there are literally unlimited combinations.

Automatically set users as members of a specific plan when they register

Create restricted access areas (posts, videos, exclusive contents) available only to registered users and automatically mark them as “members” as soon as they register into your website.

Make the shop and products accessible to members only (like on Privalia)

Create a private shop with exclusive offers for members, hide products to non-registered users or to those who do not possess a specific membership plan Nulled.

Hide pages and posts to non-members

Manage access to every section of your site and choose what needs to be shown to members. You can create restricted pages, posts that only members can read, products that only users can view or download for free.

Offer free shipping to your shop members

Choose the “Membership free shipping Nulled” option to offer free shipping to your members for all the orders they place through your shop.

Use the YITH Subscription plugin Nulled to let your users make a recurring payment in order to get access to reserved contents

The integration between YITH Membership Nulled and YITH Subscription is the most powerful one in our product catalog: it allows you to create reserved areas in your site and grant access to the classes of a learning course, or to receipts, products, posts, downloadable resources, videos, podcasts and so on, only to those members who have an active subscription and who are paying on a billing cycle that you can set by yourself (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually etc.).
If the subscription is not paid automatically, users will lose access to their reserved contents.

YITH WooCommerce Membership Premium Nulled Features

  • Membership plans creation
  • Manage content included in a membership plan
  • Shop options for members
  • Membership editing options for the admin
  • Membership reports
  • Members notifications
  • Tools for members
  • Extra options

YITH WooCommerce Membership Premium Free Download


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