WooCommerce Brands Nulled 1.6.37

With WooCommerce Brands Plugin Free Download you can Create brands for products, assign them, list them, and let customers see them by brand.

Create, allocate, and list product branding

You can establish brands for your shop with the WooCommerce brands plugin; each brand can be given a name, a description, and an image. Brands Nulled then include:

  • With a unique A-Z shortcode, they are listed or indexed on a page.
  • employing a shortcode, they are shown on a page as thumbnails.
  • used a widget to display in the sidebar.
  • a product that is assigned.
  • used with a certain tiered nav widget to see goods.

Customers can view products by brand, in addition, to attribute filters after adding brands to products using the layered nav widget. The brand description can optionally be displayed in the archive template, or you can use a widget in its place.

The A-Z shortcode is a handy feature that enables you to list your brands on their own page and facilitates brand discovery:


2022-09-02 - version 1.6.36
* Dev - Add branch-labels GH workflow.
* Dev - GH release config and the new PR template.
* Tweak - WC 6.9 compatibility.
2022-07-27 - version 1.6.35
* Fix - Coupons logic for variable products.
* Tweak - WC 6.8 compatibility.

Download WooCommerce Brands

Note: The download will start automatically after one click on the second button. If you’re having problems downloading, consider disabling ad blocking for the site or using a different web browser. If disabling the ad blocker or changing your web browser does not help, please contact us.


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