WooCommerce Extra Product Options 6.1.2 Nulled

woocommerce extra product options free download

WooCommerce Extra Product Options Nulled version 6.1.1 is now available and includes a number of new features, including pricing with lookup tables, repeaters, template elements, math formulas, product elements, conditional logic, and much more!

Is the existing functionality of your WooCommerce Products adequate for your requirements? Do you want to include Conditional Logic in your forms? Do you require additional pricing alternatives to entice your customers? Extra Product Options is the most effective WordPress Product Plugin you’ve been looking for.

You can create priced product options and addons, conditional logic (within the form builder), build forms, style & validate features, convert the variation attributes dropdowns to radio buttons, image swatches or swatches, and much more.

Also, you can even control the placement of your new fields with the Form Builder. Full support for checkboxes, radio buttons, select boxes, text areas, input boxes, upload, date, range picker, and color picker.

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Some Features

  • Supports checkboxes, radio buttons, image swatches, text swatches, color swatches, select boxes, text areas, input boxes, upload, date, range picker, color picker, and product elements.
  • Product element feature! Add one or more products to the cart along with the main product
  • Calculate element prices using a math formula, lookup table, and shortcodes.
  • Enable or disable the plugin and global elements for specific roles.
  • Enable extra options in the shop and category view
  • Hide the add-to-cart button until an element is chosen
  • Control the placement of the elements and totals box
  • Enable or disable a floating totals box to show the selected elements
  • Alter many plugin strings directly from the control panel
  • Validation features
  • Lazy load images for image swatches.
  • Performance increases for a large number of elements.


Version 6.1.2 – September 16, 2022

Fixed an issue where some section settings were not translatable with WPML.
Fixed an issue where the conditional logic was not working on certain elements.
Fixed an issue with the styled variations not registering unavailable values when using select boxes.
Fixed an issue where disabled element were conflicting with conditional logic of other fields.
Fix an issue where associated products could not be added from a quick view.

Version 6.1.1 – September 13, 2022

Fixed an issue in the math formula when using comparison operators.
Fixed several edge cases in the math formula.
Fixed an issue where the responsive class was not being printed in the cart.
Fixed an issue when duplicating global forms.
You can now connect different radio button elements in order to select a single choice.

Download WooCommerce Extra Product Options WordPress Plugin

Note: zip file contains Documentation and the main plugin.. so you may need to unzip it before uploading it to your local host. If you’re having problems with WooCommerce Extra Product Options Free Download Pro, consider disabling ad blocking for the site, refreshing the page,  or using a different web browser. If disabling the ad blocker or changing your web browser does not help, please contact us.