WP Speed ​​of Light Addon Nulled v3.3.1 + v3.3.0

WP Speed ​​of Light Addon Nulled Free Download
WP Speed ​​of Light Addon Nulled Free Download

WP Speed of Light Nulled is a powerful WordPress Speed Up plugin accessible to everyone. WP Speed of Light Free Download comes with a powerful static cache system, and includes, a resource group and minification tool, a database cleanup system, a .htaccess optimization tool and an automatic cache cleaner. 

The plugin PRO ADDON goes beyond, where NO other plugins can go: Cache preloading, font optimization, DNS prefetching, database automatic cleanup, to-notch support, image compression and more!


Play smart, optimize all your websites using a global solution

WP Speed of Light Nulled is the only WordPress Speed Plugin that offers a global optimization in a single membership: WordPress Optimization, Image Compression, CDN Integration, Speed Testing. Furthermore as our memberships are not limited by domain, you can run the same top notch optimization on all your websites!

Speed optimization with WordPress and browser caching

WP Speed of light for WordPress Nulled comes with a lot of optimization systems such as cache system: it generates more static content (HTML) therefore reducing the number of database queries required to load the page. Plus, you have the possibility of storing the major part of the heavy page resources (like images) in the browser cache. And you can clean it when you want!

WP Speed ​​of Light Addon Nulled Full optimization list:

  • Static file cache system
  • GZIP data compression
  • Browser caching
  • Plugin files group: CSS, JS, Local fonts, Google Fonts
  • Resources minification: HTML, CSS, JS
  • Specific mobile cache per device
  • Remove query string
  • Cache external scripts
  • Option to disable WordPress features like REST API, RSS feeds, Gravatar, Emojis
  • Automatic cache clean: by interval, on save, by user group

WordPress speed optimization testing with Google Speed test

The optimization of a website is also about testing the performance to determine what elements can be optimized to yield performance. With WP Speed of Light Nulled you can run several tests on the same page and open a comparison table. We’ve made an integration with Google speed test tool (free) to run detailed speed tests on various elements like:

  • First loading time
  • Second loading time
  • First byte time
  • Time to start rendering
  • Element served from cache in %
  • Elements compressed with Gzip in %
  • Percent on compressed images

WordPress database speed test and cleanup

The plugins and theme database queries can represent something important about WordPress’ speed. The database speed test may help you to determine problems with a theme or a plugin and fix some major performance issues. The database cleanup can be made automatically at a defined frequency in the PRO ADDON.

Selective cache for mobile devices

WP Speed of Light Free Download can handle the cache optimization for mobile automatically, and you can generate a dedicated cache version per device or even disable it. The plugin also works automatically with mobile plugins like WPtouch. Mobile cache features:

  • Automatically serve cache for all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • Dedicated cache for mobile
  • Dedicated cache for tablet
  • Option to disable cache for a specified device

Features in WP Speed of Light Pro Addon Nulled

Features included only in the WP Speed of Light Pro Addon Nulled version

Full Feature List

  • Image Compression

Compress your images by up to 80% without any visual loss of quality. Get 1GB or 3GB of image compression included

  • Google Fonts – Local Fonts

Group all the local fonts and the Google fonts in a single file. One single file is loaded faster!

  • DNS Prefetching

The DNS prefetching will pre-load DNS information on external domain links. Useful when when you use frenquently the same domains in external links

  • WooCommerce Files

Disable styles and scripts for non WooCommerce pages. Disable cart fragments and save a lot of useless resources to be loaded

  • Image Lazy Loading

Load only images when it’s visible in the by user (on scroll), remove up to 60% of your page weight with a single setting!

  • Visual Files Exclusion

Scan your website, exclude one or several files from the resources group and minify in a click

  • Database Automatic Cleanup

The database cleanup from post revisions, trash, spam… can be made automatically at a defined frequency

  • Woo Database Cleanup

Clear customers cart and sessions automatically, after a certain delay. Save database space and Woocommerce queries speed

  • Cache Pre-Loading

User that comes after a page cache cleanup won’t have to wait for the cache generation, it’s automatically regenerated!

  • Cache Exclusion

Exclude a set of URL from cache using roles or a set of users using WordPress User Roles

  • Defer loading

Possibility to defer script loading in page footer, remove the render blocking heavy resources to be loaded in your page header

  • Heartbeat control

Control the WordPress Heartbeat API, used to perform automatic actions by defining the execution frequency

WP Speed of Light plugin Free Download

WP Speed of Light plugin Free Download has a dedicated optimization module for WooCommerce websites. They are several scripts and styles that are loaded on all WooCommerce pages that are not always required and that you exclude. 


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